Brainwaves4u is selling these 2 educational products as Dinosaurs and Wild Animals are
Every Generations and Kid’s Favourites.

WILDCAT & DINOHISTORIA are educational card games (for all the family and friends) which are fun and entertaining to play, they look visually appealing with WILDCAT having full coloured real life pictures and facts (of Wild Cats from around the world)  and Dinohistoria having full coloured pictures and facts (of Dinosaurs, Animals Past and Evolution).

Both games are copyrighted in the UK and WILDCAT is also copyrighted in the EU, USA, China and Australia.

‘Wildcat’ and ‘Dinohistoria’ two different entertaining card games; each single pack has 56 cards and the double pack 112 cards.
(Please NOTE – single pack cards are playing card size 8.8cm x 6.3cm & double pack cards are poker size 8.7cm x 5.6cm).
The games are made in the UK to a high quality specification.

Upon evaluation by a University with a Primary School adivised have the potential to underpin the school curriculum and work in primary schools.   Learning whilst playing, having fun and being entertained, they also have the following benefits: –

  • Complement relevant areas of the National Curriculum and can be used in the classroom and home alike.
  • No one is knocked out of the games ensuring that the experience is completely inclusive.
  • As adults enjoy playing the games so they will play them with children, which will enhance their enjoyment and learning.
  • Games will not date.

Education improves everyone’s performance and understanding in everyday life.

by caring for and saving animals,
you will find,
that you help save,
the climate and mankind.