WILDCAT & DINOHISTORIA  (2 AWARD WINNING Games enjoyed by everyone).

Evaluated by Potential Plus UK (previously known as ‘National Association of Gifted Children’),  listed on their website, Potential Plus UK .

WILDCAT also evaluated by Anglia Ruskin University with their partnership primary school commenting ‘The game has the potential to underpin the school National Curriculum and work in primary schools’. Stating ‘The cards are fun and interesting and the facts written on them keep the children’s focus’. DINOHISTORIA was then added with similar features.

Wildcat & Dinohistoria
Enjoyed by teenagers aged 15 and 12 years old. They praised highly the quality of the games, plus liked the portability of the game and could see it selling well for train or air travel.
The illustrations, particularly the dinosaurs, were very well received and have been looked at more than the games have been played!
The Wildcat game had more strategy and they played from Child to Adult level with increasing satisfaction. It kept them amused and competing for two hours, which was a record for the holiday.

Bloggs (School Gate) – THE TIMES – Sarah Ebner
These two card games aim to blend education and fun (just what a parent wants to hear). The cards are full of facts, and are either about cats from around the world or different dinosaurs. Kids will enjoy comparing the facts, and will be learning at the same time.

Primary School comments (2016):
Dinohistoria:  Although not extensively used for delivery of the curriculum, these games proved useful as an impetus to learn more.
The children found them interesting and engaged with learning about the different dinosaurs on offer. This inspired them more to research others. Also played by year 3 and 4 as a game including naming dinosaurs, like wildcats.
Trialled with year 3 and 4 children as a game. Encouraged them to use them as top trumps but also name the animals as the game progressed.
The children were very engaged with the games and wanted to play again another time.
They learnt about the different wild cats, being able to talk about what they had read.

Independent Newspaper
Top Toys – Recommend. Wildcat and Dinohistoria, two different and enjoyable card games. With beautiful Photographs/illustrations respectively and exciting facts you can learn whilst you play. Both girls and boys liked these games, especially comparing facts of the cards they held.

WILDCAT – (Licenced actual real life photographs)
I would highly recommend and the illustrations on the cards are superb. A very well thought out card game which will entertain and educate. We loved these and will be purchasing more as gifts. Malcolm Miller – Joey &Lizzie 7 years, Elizabeth 4 & Charlie 10 Years

Carmen – May 2015
It is a very interesting game and very educational. It keeps all the family busy!!
Amy – April 2015
My seven year old cat mad Neice loved them!

D. S.
Entertaining card for the family with great pictures of wildcats and information about them.
Fun way of teaching young children without making them feel like they are at school and we had great fun playing with them.  I would recommend these.

I was quite surprised how good the images of the prehistoric animals were and the facts on each card were very educational. Good value for money, ideal card game which will always entertain and stimulate interest in history. We loved this and would highly recommend. Ginette Rex – Gareth 7 years

L. N.
The slogan ‘Family Fun with Bite’ which is certainly true. Inside the box were clear and easy to follow instructions and 56 cards, all feature a different prehistoric creature from Diplodocus’ to Pteranodon’s and has a fact about each creature. My husband and children all enjoyed this game very much and will certainly be playing again.