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illustrated fortune telling by dee Joseph

illustrated fortune telling
by dee Joseph

WILDLIFE RESCUE Dice & card game in a box

Dice & card game
in a box

Illustrated Fortune Telling Playing Cards

32 Card Deck with mini Guidebook By Dee Joseph (SEALED)
Pack for beginners &/or professionals

1) Simple/easy method to fortune telling
2) Guidance: combines modern methods with ancient wisdom
3) Enables one to be intuitive for divining purposes

32 illustrated playing cards
Each with detailed quick reference chart
2) Mini guidebook;
Explains layouts and spreads which are simple to put into practice.


Is a game of chance, judgement and survival. The game is highly entertaining and fun to play.
The eight animal species featured in the game are critically endangered.
Players take the role of conservation officers and race to collect endangered species for their zoos. It is simple enough for children to learn, while having fun and sophisticated enough for adults to enjoy.
The game is both great fun and educational.

CONTENTS: A game of Wildlife Rescue comprises the following:

1 dice arena (box bottom)
1 info booklet – which includes facts on endangered species
6 multi-coloured wildlife dice – Each die has animal symbols, representing the eight critically endangered species featured on the wildlife cards
18 wildlife cards – Each card contains interesting information on an endangered species.

  • 1 x Javan rhino, 2 x Amur Leopard, 2 x California Condor, 3 x Mountain Gorilla
  • 2 x Rodrigues Fruit Bat, 3 x Harlequin frog, 2 x Ceylon Rose, 3 x Dama Gazelle

6 zoo transfer cards, 6 zoo collection cards, 1 score card, 1 rules card

The sturdy box is used as a dice arena during play, so the game can be played virtually anywhere: at home, at school, on the road and on holiday.

Are easy to learn: and yet there is a tactical depth to ‘Wildlife Rescue’.
You throw the six wildlife-iconed dice three times to obtain at least three symbols of the same species on the wildlife dice – if this is achieved within three throws then the player takes the appropriate wildlife card, each having a different points value depending on the relative difficulty of obtaining that species in the game. Players score a bonus if they collect the three species wanted by their zoo and can also take a wildlife card from an opponent using a zoo transfer card.

Tactics revolve around understanding that not all the species have the same odds of being collected in the game; e.g. A Javan rhinoceros is much less likely to be collected on a turn than a Ceylon rose butterfly.

Remember saving the world’s wildlife is something to be done now. For many endangered species time is running out.
How many endangered animals can you save?

DIMENSIONS   20cm x 12.3cm x 4.8cm (200g)            Made in the UK