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Children and Adults will enjoy seeing Wildcats, Dinosaurs and animals past, many recognisable, with facts on the cards. The games themselves, assist learning skills (National Curriculum) also encourage strategy (3 levels in Wildcat) and with Wildcat also play ‘Pairs and Snap’.  (See reviews updated November 2016)

Every Generations & Kid’s Favourites: Wild animals & Dinosaurs

2 different Classic 56 PACK – Quality UK made AWARD WINNING card games:
• Quick to learn & easy to play
• Fast fun for everyone
Fast, exciting, fun with these entertaining games for Children & Adults
PLUS enjoy learning facts about Dinosaurs, Animals past and Wildcats.

Buy now  -  WILDCAT                        DINOHISTORIA               WILDCAT & DINOHISTORIA
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  • Listed on Potential Plus UK.org (also as Products of the Month for nearly 2 years) after evaluation.
    Previously known as National Association of Gifted Children. Currently sold on EBAY.

2 Different Games with Facts on both sets of cards
• Games assist various parts of the National Curriculum.
Children enjoy the pictures, learn to count, plus Colour and Number Recognition.

WILDCAT:Real life photographs with facts. (Age 5+ play ‘Pairs’ & ‘Snap’)
(Ages 7 – 99 play ‘Wildcat’ with 3 levels of play where Strategy plays its part).
56 cards in four suits: numbered 1-10, 20, 30 & 50 with 4 information cards.

Players also enjoy learning facts about WILD CATS from around the world: (Lion, Tiger, Leopard and Cheetah to the Serval, Lynx, Fishing cat, Wildcat and more), where found, weight, habitat, prey and young.Beware of various animals: ‘Cheetah’ with their speed can change direction of play; ‘Tiger’ then have another go; ‘Wildcat’ then a player may well end up with more cards!The game has SEVERAL other different special cards which players use, in the race to get rid of their cards in this entertaining game. There is further action with this tactical game which starts with an easy level of play.

DINOHISTORIA: Play & Learn about evolution, Dinosaurs & Animals Past
ages 5+ play ‘Pairs’ & ‘Snap’
(use any 4 suits matching by numbers).
Age 7+ play Dinohistoria.
56 playing cards each having a different exquisite, authentic vivid illustration, licensed from the Natural History Museum, London & captions about them.
Has 5 suits numbered 1-10, 25 + one additional 25 card, the Woolly Mammoth.Many of the Dinosaurs and Animals past are recognisable; Tyrannosaurus rex, Brachiosaurus, Iguanodon, Triceratops, Pteranodon and many others; Plus over 20 other animals, including the Sabre-toothed Tiger and Woolly mammoth.Beware of cards that change direction of play or stops the next player from laying a card!   There is further action with this entertaining game for the family.
The game has SEVERAL different special cards which players use, in the race to win this entertaining game.
Play these fun family games with friends, on ones travels and at parties.